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Would you like to support Lights Up: The Wilbur Cross High School Drama Club?

The process of putting on a "Broadway-style" musical is hard work, no matter the level of experience. Countless hours spent planning, building, painting, singing, dancing and rehearsing. And that's just the early stages! Not to mention the challenges that face those students who attempt to balance academics, after-school sports and other extra-curricular activities and clubs.  Add all of those factors together and it equals a challenge that may seem impossible...but the mere fact that I am writing this today, on this website, is proof that it is possible. And if you were ask any of my students, I am confident they would almost all reply that the reward is certainly worth the risk. High School theater is an investment (of time, sweat, hard work) that offers tremendous returns (friendship, adoration, confidence, memories).


The talented and driven student actors, crew members and artists of Wilbur Cross High School are driven and committed to learning the crafts which they hold dear. As educators, we support that passion in any and every way possible, but more often than not, funding can be an obstacle to overcome. We ask that you consider purchasing an ADVERTISEMENT or BOOSTER for our DRAMA CLUB'S performances. All proceeds from the ads will go to the future development of the Lights Up Drama Club and, hopefully, toward the fulfillment of as many dreams as possible. You also have the opportunity to simply DONATE to the Lights Up Drama Club though donation of funds or goods, or even by purchasing apparel sold on this sites main page!

Thank you for your consideration and support,

Salvatore DeLucia

Dramatic Arts Teacher / Theater Director

Wilbur Cross High School

New Haven, CT


Click the PDF button below to view and/or download the official "Crossbill Ad Form"

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