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Making Movies @ Wilbur L. Cross High school!

Wilbur L. Cross High School's Dramatic Arts Department has partnered up with Mr. James Bellantoni's Movie Making courses to write, produce and act in short films and promotional materials that have gone on to win awards at noteworthy student film festivals! Anyone who has acted in films before can tell you just how different it is from acting on the stage.


At Wilbur L. Cross, the Dramatic Arts Department PRIDES itself in offering our student actors the opportunity to learn the skill of acting for film first hand, with real world application and experiences.

"Trapped" (Award-Winning short film - 2019)

"The Vault" (Award-Winning short film

84 hour challenge 2019)

2020 "SEE" PSA WINNER!!!!!!!

"Saturday Detective" (84 hour challenge 2018)

"The School" (2018)

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